Sustainable tourism

Ecologically Sustainable Tourism

Libano is strongly close to themes such as: respect of the natural environment and renewable energy. Tourism mold ‘eco’ is a type of tourism promoted by the operators who direct a special attention to the relationship between touristic activity and nature and adopting operational strategies to ensure that this relationship is of harmony and respect. The main target is the preservation of the natural environment and the reserch of a new equilibrium between humans and nature that promote the best possible coexistance.

At the Libano, Soltek, has realized a eco-sustainable photovoltaic system with architectural integration of 11 Kwp of power that allows it to auto-produce the necessery electric energy and to enjoy a government incentive for every Kw produced with 0 pollution.

Togheter with this we have at our disposal a VRF implant with variable refrigerant to grant an optimal winter heating and summer refreshment with automatic control of de-umidification thanks to Inverter tecnology for a maximum energy saving of the implant (that to function use the energy produced by the photovoltaic system).

Last but not least the domestic hot water implant heat pump with a very low power consumption (600 w/h) that satisfy greatly the necessity of the intire structure (this one too use the energy produced by the photovoltaic system).

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